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Supply Chain Services –

Utility Unlimited provides advisory to enhance the communication processes with suppliers throughout the supply chain, including concatenation, harmonization and management of a company’s supply chains. It refers to the manufacturing and construction sector for the management of suppliers of raw materials or other sub-deliveries (products). SCM encompasses the following processes and areas:

  • Planning,
  • Logistics, transport and distribution
  • Storage
  • Manufacturing & Construction

Value Chain Services –

Utility Unlimited provides advisory to enhance the ability to reduce cost of production, increase yield and improve quality within value chains.


Five steps in the value chain give a company the ability to create value exceeding the cost of providing its good or service to customers. Maximizing the activities in any one of the five steps allows a company to have a competitive advantage over competitors in its industry. The five steps or activities are:

  1. Inbound logistics: receiving, warehousing and inventory control
  2. Operations: value-creating activities that transform inputs into products.
  3. Outbound logistics: activities required to get a finished product to a customer
  4. Marketing and sales: activities associated with getting a buyer to purchase a product
  5. Service: activities that maintain and enhance a product's value, such as customer support

A profitable value chain requires connections between what consumers demand and what a company produces. Value chains place a great amount of focus on things such as product testing, innovation, research and development, and marketing.

Channel Development Services –

Utility Unlimited helps identify who your ideal customers and markets in Global Value Chain. The need for your product or service in the chosen market and the potential for growth and identify how this adds value to your target market. Working out the size of each channel based on how many potential customers can be reached and the revenue potential of each customer.   The various activities involved could range from Channel Acquisition, Partner Incentive Scheme, Joint Market Development Plans, Product Sales and Development. 

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