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Utility Unlimited define, refines and secures the most suitable channel partnership for your business in Global Value Chain. Channel partnerships is a high impact strategy for growing your business.

Channel Partnership Strategy

Utility Unlimited helps you develop the Channel Partnership Strategy to promote your product and service in specific Global Value Chain. There are three types of strategies, 

          1. Selling your products through your partner, companies may sell their product through a                    third-party storefront.

          2. Partners sells with you, companies may offer your service as a way to expanding their                     business.

         3. Partner sells for you, companies may act as your partner to sell of your product. They may                be a value-added reseller, using your service as part of their own service offering. This                    provides additional value in the operation of that service, instead of simply selling it.

Identifying relevant Partner:

There are a number of factors to consider ensuring a partnership is relevant and profitable:

         1. What market or niche do you like to reach?

        2. Does your partner complement your product? Determine how each partner might help you                reach your goals.

        3. How well does your solution fit the need of the customer? How likely are your partner’s                     customers to purchase?

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